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Application of Emulsified Asphalt in Pavement Maintenance
by wangkiky on 

After several years of operation, with the continuous increase in traffic, asphalt pavement will appear in varying degrees of various diseases, mainly for the cracks, pits, pumping pulp, loose, bridge jumpers and some lane rut, etc. There is insufficient strength of the pavement structure,pavement repair machine sale in algeria these diseases caused by increasing the area of ​​road damage, flatness reduced, greatly reducing the use of the road function, not only affect the driving comfort and safety, and can not meet the national standards, the impact of regional highway rankings The Reasonable maintenance is of great significance to extend the service life of the road, reduce the maintenance cost of the whole life cycle of the road, improve the service level of the highway and the efficiency of resource utilization, and can achieve the goal performance and cost efficiency maximization.

1, irrigation technology: the vertical and horizontal cracks on the pavement to prevent the infiltration of rainwater into the road caused by water damage, but also to slow down the development of cracks, is the most commonly used road maintenance technology. Common irrigation materials: ordinary hot asphalt,asphalt heater maintenance equipment modified hot asphalt, emulsified asphalt, special pouring glue, direct irrigation joints, slotted irrigation joints, fill for pouring asphalt sand.

2, thin layer cover technology: through the original pavement structure of the thin cover, restore the original surface surface service functions, thickness 2 ~ 75px, can cover SMA9.5, Superpave9.5 and OGFC9.5. NovaChip ultra-thin wear layer: the use of special construction equipment paving, a molding, the thickness of 1-2cm, intermittent gradation, polymer modified asphalt mixture in a layer of large polymer modified emulsified asphalt adhesive layer , Can increase the surface to increase anti-skid, anti-wear surface damage, reduce water mist to reduce noise. Microscope can also be called "polymer modified emulsified asphalt slurry seal", is the polymer modified emulsified asphalt,cat roller heavy equipment high-quality aggregates, water, additives and fillers (usually cement) in a certain proportion of mixing into a mixture And the use of special spreader paving on the road, the conservation, rolling the formation of thin pavement. Its main purpose is to delay the occurrence of rut and improve the road conditions.

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meters, is China lock industry
by wangkiky on 

determine the specifications according to the elevation of the building: the whole plate, transverse slat, vertical plate. 6 the size of the whole board: board height of a layer, the width is generally below 4.5m. Transverse slats: plate into upper and lower two layers high distance between window width, generally below 6.0m. The bar board: a board for a high storey, the width is about two the distance between the windows. Insulation composite board: thick 180 ~ 220mm; veneer: thick from 60 to 160mm. 7 weight

insulation composite board (thickness of 140 ~ 220mm) weight of about ~ 350kg/m2; veneer (thick ~ ~ 80mm) weight of about 140 ~ 200kg/m2, veneer (thick ~ 160mm) weight of about 250 ~ 400kg/m2. 8 bar plate plate (brick)? 9 installation and connection? Connecting decorative concrete plug-in board and the main structure should be used to pull the flexible connection node branch. At present, the flexible joint is mainly composed of elastic slip joint and elastic plastic deformation joint. The size of the

interface between the board and the main structure of the distance from 30 to 50mm, the interface between the board and the board size is from 15 to 25mm. Slab waterproof sealant for building exterior finishes: according to the selection of building sealants accordingly, its performance should be required to comply with national or industry standards. Supporting (attached) precast external board manufacturers in product design, construction units to provide the main structure of embedded parts and connections

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Wood-plastic plank road for the scenic or park to bring new vitality
by wangkiky on 

The wood is mainly composed of cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin, cellulose has a high tensile strength, lignin has a high compressive strength. The three major elements in the wood, not only make it flexible, but also has a high toughness. Therefore, the wood fiber material and plastic mixed together, and then put it in a dedicated mold, under high temperature and pressure conditions, the special processing technology, will be closely combined to form a new type of wood-plastic composites.

1. Raw materials waste plastics: polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), polystyrene (PS), polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Plant straw: wood scraps, sawdust, straw, rice husk, rice bran powder, peanut shells, crop straw and so on. 2. Product Features Wood-plastic composite board both wood and plastic materials cost and performance advantages, the product has the following characteristics: 2.1 products do not need paint, do not pollute the environment, recyclable; 2.2 anti-ultraviolet, Easy to clean, easy maintenance; 2.4 moth, anti-corrosion, waterproof; 2.5 processing is simple and easy to use, easy to use; , Any wood processing machinery can be competent; 3.1 extrusion molding process by a single screw or twin-screw extruder extrusion, continuous extrusion of any length of the plate.

The process can be divided into single extrusion and double composite extruded sheet, composite extrusion is the appearance of wood-plastic sheeting simultaneously extruded a layer of pure plastic surface, a special occasion in the use of wood-plastic sheet. Wood composites processing technology to control the key is to prevent the mixing and molding process of plastic and sawdust thermal degradation and scorch, sawdust as organic heat stability is poor, which is easy to break down hemicellulose and lignin, aerobic In the presence of about 200 �� that smoke color. Therefore, wood-plastic composite sheet in the formulation and process technology to address the wood powder and plastic resin interface is the key to the technology.

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L'utilisation novatrice du puissant pointeur laser
by ravenmo on 

Pour ce pointeur laser 100mW est robuste et est toujours conçu pour le diamètre du tube laser 16mm. Cependant, la gamme de puissance laser haute puissance de 100mW à 2000MW est toujours conçue pour être de 26 mm de diamètre du tube laser. Police trouver l'utilisation innovante de pointeur laser puissant. Mais vous demandez pourquoi cela devrait provoquer une alarme. La réponse est simple. Il ya de nombreuses fois lorsque les travailleurs tombent dans la ligne de projection avec un outil de mesure simple qui rend la ligne exacte difficile. Ce pointeur laser à l'aide de diode laser juste parfaite dernière technologie, de sorte que tous les travaux de dépistage de surface requise plus efficace, correcte et efficace en ligne.
L'oxyde de cuivre noir peut également atteindre l'impact isolé camp camp. Afin d'assurer la projection du programme continu dans les conditions de fonctionnement, l'indicateur laser 30000mw utilise un emballage métallique interne. Alliage d'aluminium de matériel de corps par le traitement externe de l'aluminium anodisé, il peut être statique efficace. Lorsque l'utilisateur choisit un pointeur laser puissant, ce type de dispositif laser a une tension de fonctionnement totale de 3V à 5V. En fonction de la puissance de sortie précise du pointeur laser 2000MW sélectionné, l'utilisateur peut également sélectionner l'entrée de courant continu pour différentes tensions de fonctionnement, selon les besoins. Le vélo de montagne pour ajuster le pointeur laser traditionnel, mais ce n'est tout simplement pas possible.

Pointeur Laser Bleu 10000mw Ultra Puissant Laser pas cher
Afin d'être efficace, la police de vélo de montagne doit capturer les personnes nécessaires lorsque l'attention. Et c'est l'irradiation laser. Ce laser peut produire un faisceau lumineux. Les lumières clignotantes ont prouvé attirer l'attention des gens. La sélection correcte de la tension de service ne peut garantir que le rendement élevé de la projection en ligne continue. Le pointeur laser a plusieurs avantages pour eux. La technologie laser aide également la police à faire des économies considérables. Il leur permet d'utiliser des vélos de montagne au lieu de voitures chères au cas où la mobilité est importante ainsi que respectueux de l'environnement lazerpuissant.com

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small apartment from Sweden
by wangkiky on 

apartment space usually uses an open pattern design. In the kitchen space, white is still the main color. One type of white cabinets seem simple and neat, a table to implement the dining space, shelves shelves can be used for storage and display. The sun room is surrounded by transparent glass, so that the line of sight without any shuttle in the space shuttle, but also to make this room to become the demarcation point of indoor space. Bedroom, double bed on both sides were placed two bedside cabinets, the formation of symmetrical

beauty. Simple square headboard with a large area of ??white walls show the ultimate minimalist artistic concept. The walls of the windows are painted with black pattern wallpaper, adding a variety of elements and colors to the space, emphasizing the artistic sense. The window's workbench provides a richer use of space. Entrance, the door of a cupboard showing a simple natural atmosphere, the drawer handle on the wall and the hanging plate revealed the owner's meticulous life of small thoughts. Coat racks and shoe racks are

simple and practical, light and do not take up space. Wall side of the table placed a large mirror, to a certain extent, also meet the needs of the dressing mirror. Bathroom, white square wall tiles and gray tiles covered with the entire space, ladder shelves and small storage bucket cabinet, although the eye is not practical enough, the wall was S-shaped curved towel rack is more practical Reflecting the design sense. The original theme of fresh wood can also be so simple to taste a set of simple colors to create a small home, fresh

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Technology and Future Development of Emulsified Asphalt Slurry in China
by wangkiky on 

In recent years, China's road traffic has been in a rapid development trend. At the end of last year, the total mileage of the national highway exceeded 4.3 million kilometers, the highway reached 104,500 kilometers,Vietnam asphalt infrared heater supplier ranking first in the world. At the same time, the national highway maintenance mileage of more than 4.15 million kilometers, accounting for more than 97% of the total mileage of the road, the proportion of road maintenance continues to improve. It is understood that the cost of road maintenance machinery is expected to be nearly 60 billion yuan next year, the future growth of the market in more than 10 times. In the face of this huge market demand, Sago machinery realized that for road maintenance, especially mechanized conservation and preventive maintenance needs growth, will lead to conservation equipment asphalt filling machine, road blowers, road slotting machine demand for rapid growth The The conservation equipment will be the next profit growth of the Austrian machinery breakthrough.

At present, the Saiao Machinery has established a conservation research institute, through different methods of trying to innovate and maintain equipment technology. At present, in the road maintenance management and maintenance technology, has formed a more mature "white + black" technology. For the old road maintenance and repair, overlay structure, anti-cracking measures have formed a series of technologies, and in many roads and urban roads have been applied. The current market is still generally lack the correct understanding of the maintenance and management,asphalt emulsion driveway sealer and conservation machinery belonging to the sub-sectors, the equipment of the fine and professional requirements, the market capacity is relatively small, so the conservation machinery innovation and promotion will be a long process.

Conservation equipment is moving in a diversified, serial development, the construction accuracy is more accurate, more functional to meet the construction requirements, the operation more comfortable and more simple. Jining Siao Machinery Co., Ltd. for the development of China to meet road construction requirements and conditions required for the maintenance of equipment, put forward the concept of multi-functional conservation equipment,Fully Automated Cement Road Milling Machine a conservation car to solve a variety of problems. This will not only ease the pressure on the source of funds, but also give full play to the advantages of diversification of equipment, all-round to meet road maintenance needs.

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Little knowledge of cork floor care and maintenance
by wangkiky on 

A lot of families laid wooden floor, want inevitably to wax for the floor, [url=http://wpcdecksupplier.com/wpc/3319.html]wood composite garage floor[/url] but, of average order wax, need to use polisher polish, polisher can not be average household some equipment, how does DIY wax polishing?

1. Press white wax and kerosene first 1: The weight of 4 compares infusion, [url=http://durablewpcproduct.com/cheap-wpc/5189.html]Outdoor Decking Gold Coast[/url] mix water of right amount colophony and fish oil, in wrapping cloth next, wipe repeatedly in floor surface,[url=http://durablewpcproduct.com/composite-material/5274.html]true vinyl flooring for sale[/url] reoccupy old cloth dips in candle is wiped, the fine canvas that counts bag of the reoccupy after the hour to have block floor wax face ordinal burnish is shining.

2. ground rub-up, wait for dry after appearing, dip in with dry cloth the candle oil besmear that boils dissolve is on the ground, but unfavorable heavy panel, every besmear after 3 square metre, immediately is wiped with clean cloth, meet person of burnish ancient bronze mirror so.

The floor waxes Polishing is a technical work,[url=http://durablewpcproduct.com/composite-material/3709.html]composite rhino deck boards specs[/url] if not be the feeling that oneself miss to experience a DIY very much accidentally, it is better to still had better ask professional corporation to handle.

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half-inch wood
by wangkiky on 

The whole roof construction process without the use of half-inch wood, do not consume any forest resources, built-in special steel structure can also be anti-lightning, anti-6 earthquake, anti-snake mosquito, environmental geom ceiling panels protection, never need to be replaced. Compared with the traditional wooden structure roof, this environmentally friendly roof cost is lower, can save more than 50%, with good social and economic benefits.

In the Shuangdian village construction site, the reporter saw a piece of concrete prefabricated pieces were quickly lifted to the roof, only half a day, several workers will complete a construction outdoor composite railings for stairs area of ??about 140 square meters of roof installation work, than the traditional wood structure The construction method saves several times the time. Jingzhou City is located in the Yangtze River Basin impact of the plains, trees are fast growing poplar, wood fragile, made of the roof often leak to repair.

Well now, with a green roof, safe and practical, but also once and for all. "In the city, the roof of the basic use of composite white boards Malta concrete casting technology, rural roof why not use this process? Wang Wusheng introduction, concrete pouring roof process is not suitable for rural areas, a result of housing construction area is small, scale benefits are limited; , The casting process has doubled the cost of building labor (up to 400 yuan per square meter), farmers are reluctant to use. While the green roof in addition to more Best Outdoor Patio Decking Product economical than the cast-in-place process, the insulation effect and shock function is more suitable for rural areas.

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The company on the new road filling plastic production equipment
by wangkiky on 

Asphalt coating double-sided self-adhesive anti-cracking waterproof adhesive film, is a kind of road surface, the bridge for self-adhesive waterproof, anti-cracking membrane, the material can replace the domestic has been used in the new and overhaul road grassroots waterproof layer Layer),asphalt repair chicago the main role is to solve the problem of grass-roots waterproofing, and can effectively prevent and weaken the formation and development of grass-roots reflection cracks and water damage. Has been in the practical application of the project began to promote, and achieved good social and economic benefits.

Anti-cracking waterproof adhesive film coating in the laying of hot asphalt mixture, the protective film melted, the polymer was paste hot melt, with its bonding is very good; lower coating thickness of about 1.0mm, there are enough polymer After melting, the pits are filled with pavement, which enhances the adhesion with the base surface. The stability of the undercoat and the tread base ensures effective interlaminar bonding, cracking,driveway resurfacing asphalt and anti-cracking products. Cracked) is mainly used for road crack prevention, old road transformation, a strong tensile strength, replacing the traditional asphalt filling process, in response to the environmental issues this year, the two played a real role in environmental protection.

Asphalt pavement surface cracks or grass-roots reflection cracks and cement concrete pavement joints maintenance and conservation has long been a troubling problem that plagues many conservation units. Even to take some of the expensive foreign irrigation joints to deal with the material, the durability of its products still fail to achieve satisfactory results. In recent years my company specializing in the production of self-adhesive anti-cracking paste, and achieved good results. Replacement of Traditional Asphalt Grouting Technology with Self - adhesive Anti - cracking. Treatment of asphalt pavement cracks, is a major improvement in road maintenance technology. The traditional process is limited by the low temperature cold brittleness and high temperature softening of the asphalt material,construction machinery dealers and the crack after repair will be re-cracked with the change of the temperature after one year's surface layer. The existence of this problem, increased the maintenance of the road maintenance and the cost of materials and self-adhesive anti-cracking paste in the material properties to overcome the shortcomings of the traditional asphalt material.

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Wood-plastic flower box tree pool has a unique performance
by wangkiky on 

Wood-plastic fence in addition to the needs of thinking modeling should not be suitable for climbing, the height should not be lower than the rules, the selection time, also need to think about the following points. The installation of the railing itself is for safety and aesthetics and other reasons, then we should pick the time when we should pay attention to the importance of these two points.

1, load-bearing: a lot of people are outside the fence structure, and thus protruding out of space, often steel fence into pots and other objects placed. Therefore, if it is to place the object, the purchase should consider the guardrail of the load-bearing capacity.

2, anti-corrosion: window fence, exterior balcony is necessary to have a balcony fence corrosion, as long as the anti-corrosion function to achieve the effect of durable protection, to resist the exposure and wind and rain at any time invasion. The anti-corrosion function of the balcony guardrail depends on its structure. The good guardrail is often composed of the inner and outer bottom structure. The general is that the substrate is the steel layer. The alloy layer is zinc, and the layer closest to the substrate is fine Alloy layer, the more chaotic its structure, its corrosion resistance is stronger.

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